Asset Collection Experts - 719.634.7707 . . when you’re holding four aces! Give us a call today so we can begin collecting for you right away.  We appreciate the opportunity to earn your valuable business. Collection of bad debt is important in any economy, especially our current one.  Debt has become the biggest danger to businesses, consumers and government’s fiscal solvency.  Now, more than ever, you need to collect monies owed quickly.  With credit essentially drying up, it is imperative to have a strong collection agency to place your accounts with as quickly as possible after debts become delinquent.  Letting these accounts sit on your books uncollected is a detriment to your business.  Why not make the better choice and turn your asset recovery over to a company with the experience needed to successfully collect in this or any economy. Founded in Colorado Springs in 1945, Asset Collection Experts, Inc. (A.C.E.), is one of the most respected full-service collection agencies in Colorado, and we are a member in good standing with the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce, Apartment Associations in Colorado Springs and Pueblo, the Associated Collection Agencies of Colorado, Wyoming and ACA International.